African Inspiration

With its feet in this water and its back to the Magaliesberg, lies a unique stretch of land named Leloko. Leloko is the Sotho word for family and in its rolling syllables lie a broader meaning.

It suggests a culture of community, a sound respect for nature and the land, and a sense of belonging. For those who need the city to thrive and the country for its healing qualities, it offers a dual lifestyle that’s rare.

The families who choose to settle here are investing in this generation and those to come. Conceived of as a ‘smart village’, Leloko is technologically geared for a work-from-home scenario. Set in an estate with generous green belts and views over the Hartbeespoort Dam, in a landscape that deserves a creative African eye, the homes will be elegant architectural solutions to community living.

Stone, wood, red earth, thorn trees, light and reflective water. There is no need to go beyond the land itself for inspiration.