Ebony Lane represents an exciting opportunity to experience lock-up and go convenience while enjoying all the incredible advantages of living at Leloko Eco and Lifestyle Estate.

These sectional title apartments are set within the estate, affording residents the same level of security and recreational estate benefits as the rest of the buyers.

Top architectural firm Atelier Architects designed Ebony Lane with one goal in mind – to offer a high-end, luxury apartment at the price of a basic investor-type apartment. There are no fewer than two bathrooms in all Ebony Lane apartments, and top-class finishes have been used.

Considering that you are able to buy a luxurious apartment at accessible prices while benefiting from all the resources and facilities at Leloko is indicative of the growth that buyers can expect - particularly if the prices of their neighbouring completed properties in Leloko range from R1.6m up to well over R3.5m.

First & Second Floor - Unit A

First & Second Floor - Unit B

First & Second Floor - Unit C

First & Second Floor - Unit D

Ground Floor - Unit A

Ground Floor - Unit B

Ground Floor - Unit C

Ground Floor - Unit D